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(DMC)Disco Mix Club(Vinyl-LP33⅓)

Part Two: Vinyl-LP33⅓ - (from July 1984 till December 1988 Incl.)-The Mixes; Previews

Starting out as cassette mix tape back in February 1983 the Disco Mix Club pioneered the art of DJ mixing and remixing and continues to do so to this day. DMC was the brainchild of Radio Luxembourg/Caroline DJ Tony Prince. The DMC concept provided DJ members with monthly pre-recorded mixes, first on cassette.

In the first months DMC was issued from one place in the UK and a few months later DMC was also issued from a few countries in Europe.

There were 17 months of cassettes(from February 1983) which consists each month of a cassette with mixes and one or more cassettes of previews. On the cassettes were on the previews sometimes the long 12'' or album versions.

In July 1984 they left the cassettes and started issuing on vinyl(The 18th issue of DMC). There were one or more record with mixes and one or more records with previews. On the vinyl previews were only edit or single versions.

Then in 1989, both on CD and vinyl and currently offered in the form of CD's,CD-R's and download mp3 platform. From that time until now the cover changed each few years.

Disco Mix Club (DMC) is primarily a remix label under BPI (British Phonographic Industry) licence, which is not intended for the mass market but rather exclusively for professional DJs and enthusiasts. The first DJs who created the remixes and megamixes are among the best known: Alan

Coulthard (who is also the creator of "Megamix" 1 taken on behalf of the DMC), Sanny Xenokottas (Sanny X), the Adams, Chad Jackson, Dave Seaman, Steve Anderson, Peter Slaghuis, Daniel Culot (DJ Jaguar from 1986 to 1990, one of the creators/producers of the Belgian new beat movement in 1988), Paul Dakeyne and Ben Liebrand.

In 1986 they started a DJ mixing contest which still is held each year. Started with mixing and a little bit of scratching, it is now scratching and turntable tricks and a little bit of mixing.😎

A lot of people doesn't know the existence of the cassettes because there isn't much info on the web. Here, in this section, you can find all the info about the cassetes(all the tracks, covers, BPM, playing time etc.) which was issued on that tapes from February 1983 till July 1984. Each month cassette issue had a different color. You can download every Mix(Mastermix) including on these cassettes...Enjoy!

Tony Prince interview on DJ Rob Swift site


  (DMC)Disco Mix Club(Vinyl-LP)


DMC 18, The Mixes - July 84 (Vinyl)(16'27'')(8'44'')(19'33'')(5'27'')
DMC 19, The Mixes - August 84 (Vinyl)(14'20'')(9'05'')(10'50'')(11'05'')
DMC 20, The Mixes - September 84 (Vinyl (10'02'')(9'14'')(5'12")(9'12'')(14'52'')
DMC 21, The Mixes - October 84 (Vinyl)(8'17'')(13'48'')(11'45'')(10'53'') 
DMC 22, The Mixes - November 84 (Vinyl)(9'57'')(9'24)(8'23'')(15'26'')
DMC 23, Previews - December 84 (Vinyl)(10'54'')(22'25'')
DMC 23, The Mixes - December 84 (Vinyl)(21'52'')(6'07'')(16'40'')
DMC 24, The Mixes - January 85 (Vinyl)(7'58'')(8'17'')(3'51'')(13'59'')(4'17'')
DMC 25, The Mixes - February 85 (Vinyl)(9'28'')(16'23'')(4'59'')(4'18'')(11'27'')
DMC 26, The Mixes - March 85 (Vinyl)(8'48)(10'07'')(7'08'')(4'28)
DMC 27, The Mixes - April 85 (Vinyl)(8'25'')(4'53'')(11'09'')(13'35'')(9'10'')
DMC 28, The Mixes - May 85 (Vinyl)(9'27'')(15'35'')(6'01'')(6'28'')(13'17'')
DMC 29, The Mixes - June 85 (Vinyl)(12'15'')(13'48'')(12'11'')(13'40'')
DMC 30, The Mixes - July 85 (Vinyl)(11'32'')(5'10'')(4'57'')(6'56'')(14'25'')
DMC 31, The Mixes - August 85 (Vinyl)(11'44'')(13'41'')(9'14'')(10'41'')(5'09")
DMC 32, The Mixes - September 85 (Vinyl)(12'50'')(13'50'')(9'37'')(6'48'')(6'09'')
DMC 33, The Mixes - October 85 (Vinyl)(6'51'')(13'25'')(6'03'')(8'44'')(13'54'')
DMC 34, The Mixes - November 85 (Vinyl)(8'29'')(13'10'')(9'17'')(12'07'')(7'05'')
DMC 35, Previews - December 85 (Vinyl)(8'34'')(6'28'')(6'19'')(5'45'')
DMC 35, The Mixes - December 85 (Vinyl)(20'38'')(22'39'')
DMC 36, The Mixes - January 86 (Vinyl)(5'41'')(20'29'')(15'51'')(7'00'')
DMC 37, The Mixes - February 86 (Vinyl)(5'19'')(14'14'')(13'10'')(15'25'')(12'07'')
DMC 38, The Mixes - March 86 (Vinyl)(8'51'')(9'33'')(5'47'')(13'51'')(11'21'')
DMC 39, The Mixes - April 86 (Vinyl)(6'39'')(7'36'')(6'49'')(7'22'')(13'05'')
DMC 40, The Mixes - May 86 (Vinyl 1)(5'10'')(12'19'')(6'07'')(12'23'')(12'44'')(7'16'')
DMC 40, The Mixes - May 86 (Vinyl 2) International(7'31'')(11'18'')(8'58'')(8'05'')(6'07'')
DMC 41, The Mixes - June 86 (Vinyl 1)(6'56'')(9'01'')(5'43'')(7'44'')(14'38'')
DMC 41, The Mixes - June 86 (Vinyl 2) International(6'23'')(11'58'')(5'01'')(5'32'')(10'24'')(5'49'')
DMC 42, The Mixes - July 86 (Vinyl 1)(8'56'')(7'32')(6'03'')(6'00'')(6'58'')(9'35'')
DMC 42, The Mixes - July 86-2 (Vinyl 2) International(7'42'')(6'47')(10'26'')(7'17'')(7'41'')(9'52'')
DMC 43, The Mixes - August 86-1 (Vinyl 1)(6'58'')(7'16'')(5'39'')(5'56'')(8'34'')(7'35'')
DMC 43, The Mixes - August 86-2 (Vinyl 2) International(7'20'')(7'59'')(7'31'')(7'38'')(12'37'')
DMC 44, The Mixes - September 86-1 (Vinyl 1)(11'45'')(10'28'')(7'10'')(6'46'')(9'29'')
DMC 44, The Mixes - September 86-2 (Vinyl 2) International(5'32'')(6'02'')(6'47'')(4'41'')(6'07'')(6'28'')(10'14'')
DMC 45, The Mixes - October 86-1 (Vinyl 1)(5'33'')(13'56'')(9'53'')(10'03'')
DMC 45, The Mixes - October 86-2 (Vinyl 2)(9'48'')(8'31'')(5'55'')(7'21'')(5'44'')
DMC 46, The Mixes - November 86-1 (Vinyl 1)(8'00'')(10'01'')(5'08'')(7'22'')(7'34'')
DMC 46, The Mixes - November 86-2 (Vinyl 2)(6'35'')(6'43'')(3'39'')(9'41'')(7'57'')
 DMC 47, Previews - December 86 (Vinyl) (8'12'')(11'23'')(10'13'')(3'40'')(7'00'')
DMC 47, The Mixes - December 86-1 (Vinyl 1)(5'51')(6'50')(20'46')
DMC 47, The Mixes - December 86-2 (Vinyl 2)(12'31')(7'11')(14'24')(5'40')